Tuesday, November 29, 2016

River of Gold, River of Healing, River of Injection and Other Advent Secrets from Daddy God!!! 

We started the Advent Season this last week and Daddy God has been sharing deep secrets with me to encourage me, love me and build me up. Now, I will share some of these secrets with you to make your joy and Holiday Season more complete!

Did you know...Daddy God loves you very much!!!

Secret 1:  There is a river of life flowing from God into us! 

Daddy God wants all of us to receive his RIVER OF HEALING!

Healing occurs completely from Daddy God when we need it and when we ask for it!

Healing is complete and no matter how we feel or what the doctors say...we are OK and Daddy God will always heal us completely and HE is always watching out for us and taking care of us!

Secret 2:  There is a river of gold flowing from Heaven for us. 

We do not need to fear! Daddy God will always supply our needs and show us how to gain the financial resources we need to serve and live the life we have been given!

Daddy God wants all of us to receive his RIVER OF GOLD! In the next few months, we will learn what to do and how to be blessed beyond measure.

"I have a river of gold for you if you need it. You don't have to worry!" clarified Daddy God!

Secret 3:  Daddy God has a RIVER OF INJECTION for us.

Daddy God is injecting into us deep love and deep acceptance into our soul, spirit and body!

We don't have to feel like an orphan or be wounded by past rejection.

We are injected by love, acceptance, hope, beauty and power!

We are Divinely favored by Daddy God. HE has great plans for us to fulfill.  Receive this HOLY INJECTION and be free and love yourself and everyone will be become beautiful around you!!!

Secret 4:  We have a RIVER OF KINGDOM BUILDING flowing through our hearts and bodies!

We are gifted in bringing the KINGDOM OF GOD to our cities and communities. Daddy God will show us how to work and create new systems, architecture, jobs and products that will make our communities better and bring THE KINGDOM OF GOD more and more into the daily lives of the residents of our cities and communities.

Can you imagine a city where people serve one another in love, where they build a community that cares and leaves no one behind?  Daddy God is having you spend time and soak in HIS PRESENCE and then he will give you creative ideas to BRING THE KINGDOM INTO YOUR COMMUNITY!

Secret 5: Daddy God cares about your Christmas wishes and dreams for this year?

Remember, it is not selfish to want a gift and to want love from someone. Matthew 7:7 says that we should ask, seek and knock?

Feel free to ask for a gift? Feel free to create a way to serve others this Christmas season!  Feel free to ask someone out on a date and make a friend!

Feel free to have a date with your husband or wife and renew your marital passions.

Feel free to ask your child or brother or sister out on a date and get to know them better!

Have fun this Christmas Season and help someone else if you can!

My Christmas Wishes!

I want to send a Christmas gift to my parents in America.
I want to hand out 5000 Christmas cards in Mongkok to shoppers to share with them that Jesus loves them!
I want to have my foot heal.
I want to pay my bills and taxes.
I want to encourage many friends this Christmas.

Daddy God has told me that I can have all of these desires. 


Have a wonderful Christmas Season 2016!

Enjoy it, enjoy the people in your life, enjoy your toes!!! This year will never come again.


Daddy God Loves You Very Much!!!

Pastor Ken Harley :-)
Jesus in Mongkok Loves You! 

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