Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mid Life Crisis In Men: July 29 I Turn 48 Years Old 

I like watching Wong Fu Productions on youtube.

Their videos are very clean and ethical films that star usually Asian actors and actresses from California.

I love their films and many people here in Hong Kong love their films.  Plus my students love their films.  As Wong Fu's production group are Americans, their English and production quality is top.  I like their movies a lot and as I am from California...I would like to be their friends.

But then midlife crisis and the lies of the devil hit me.

Ken, you are too old to be their friends.  You missed out on your dreams.  You will never be their friends.

So I listen to Jesus and say a prayer for them and for people younger than I am...


Here is a definition of midlife crisis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midlife_crisis:
A mid-life crisis is experienced by some people as they realize they have reached a midpoint in their lifespan and experience conflicts or dissatisfaction within themselves because of unrealized goals, self-perceptions or physical changes as a result of aging or health issues.

So...midlife crisis hits me because devil speaks to me lies that want me to feel like I have missed out on what Father God has planned for me.

Some lies:

1) Your too fat.
2) Your too selfish.
3) You have wasted your life because you don't have a million dollar organization.
4) You paint worthless paintings.
5) You don't have a lot of money saved for marriage and to be recognized as socially acceptable by church members and others.
6) You are bald and no one will ever love you.
7) You are not formal enough.
8) You don't hold people accountable for their actions enough and punish them or counsel them.
9) You don't drive a car in Hong Kong.
10) You are too old. You missed your chance.
11) You are not Asian and as a person  from Danish and English ancestry you are unworthy.

OK...Gimme Some Truth,

You have to understand the lies of devil.

They will always try to break people and lead them into sin.  We need to learn to discern the things we hear and feel. We need to not listen to these kind of lies that hit us. We need to go to Jesus and start praying with him,

Did you know that Jesus prays and intercedes for us non-stop? Therefore, when we feel bad...we can go right into thankfulness prayers and thank Jesus for all the good things and blessings we have.

How about some midlife beautiful things that I can be very thankful for:

1) Thank you, Jesus, that I am alive.
2) Thank you that I can exercise and try to help my body to be more healthy.
3) Thank you that I am learning to eat a little better and have lost 70 pounds in the last nine years.
4) Thank you Lord Jesus that Mother and Richard came to Hong Kong and have gotten to experience Asia and minister and encourage people in Asia. Thank you for almost giving them free tickets to Asia.
5) Thank you Lord Jesus for my job. Thank you that I am learning to be a better teacher and thank you that I can be friends with my fellow teachers and students and pray for them and try to encourage them,
6) Thank you for letting me minister and encourage people in Mongkok and all through Hong Kong and Asia.
7) Thank you Lord Jesus for all the people that love me and pray for me. I do not even know some of them. Thank you for them!

So many more things I can be thankful for, such as producing books, cds, bringing Bibles to Asia and all the people that have been saved and healed since I have been in Hong Kong!

What is the bottom line for midlife crisis...we need to make sure we don't stop interacting and having relationship with Jesus because we get in these huge times of depression.

We need to go to Jesus and be careful not to do foolish things...

There are many Kings of Israel that suffered from midlife crisis and disobeyed God and killed many and worshipped false gods...

I need to make sure I keep believing and encouraging those around me and those Jesus gives me to encourage...

How about you???

On July 29 is my 48th Birthday! I am very thankful to have a birthday and people that love me and want to celebrate my birthday...

I don't need to be too reflective...I need to follow Father's Plan for my life and never gonna give up.

How about you?

Have a wonderful Sunday with Jesus!!!

Ken Harley :-)

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